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The CMX09A is a 9-slot PXI Express mainframe with 1 system controller slot, 7 PXIe Peripheral/Hybrid slots, and 1 PXIe timing slot. The PXI Express hybrid slot delivers connectivity to either a x4 PCI Express link or to the 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus on the backplane. This allows PXI Express, hybrid-compatible, or 32-bit cPCI/PXI-1 modules (without J2 connector) to be used in this slot. The PXIe timing slot accepts either a PXI Express module or a PXI Express system timing controller for advanced timing and synchronization.

Best in class Bandwidth
The CMX09A uses a 4-lane Gen 2 PCIe backplane to achieve unmatched data rates of up to 2 GB/s per slot and 8 GB/s system. This is especially useful when using high-speed instruments like digitizers, oscilloscopes, and signal generators.

IEEE-1588 Distribution
The CMX09A backplane contains a built-in mechanism for distributing an IEEE-1588 time source to the plugin modules. This mechanism is only supported when using the EMX-2500 Gigabit Ethernet LXI controller, and allows timestamping of data from all plugin modules on a common time-base for advanced timing and synchronization. In addition, it also provides the capability to synchronize PXI systems with LXI instruments.

Intelligent Chassis Management
The CMX09A has a built-in system monitoring controller that monitors and manages full chassis status, including internal temperature, fan speed, and DC voltages. IO/Switch on Rear Panel
• BNC connectors for 10MHz clock input/output
• Fan speed selector switch
• Inhibit mode selector switch
• D-SUB9 for voltage monitoring and remote inhibit

Rugged Design

Table-top Option
A rugged, compact and light-weight design makes the CMX09A ideal for portable applications. The CMX09A is available with optional handles which makes it convenient to lift and move. There are no air-holes on the front of the chassis, which protects the instruments from spills when used in industrial environments.

Rack-mount Option
Traditional rack-mount options with custom front panels are also available.

External Clock
The CMX09A includes a pair of IN/OUT BNC connectors in the rear to bring in an external 10 MHz reference clock. When a 10 MHz clock signal is detected on the IN connector, the internal clock is phase locked to the external clock. This reference clock may also be driven by a system timing module in slot 5. System timing controllers provide a high-stability clock source and the ability to drive the PXI star and PXIe differential star triggers. In addition timing controllers typically have the ability to import and export the PXI trigger lines on the backplane. The OUT BNC connector provides a buffered, non-TTL version of the 10 MHz reference clock.