DEMO UNIT P63E 3300W DC Power Supply

Power Ten

$ 1,981.00

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USED Demo Units. These P63E Power Supplies have fulfilled their purpose as demonstration units and are now being sold "as is" but in complete working order with 90 day warranty.  In Stock and Ready to Ship at a great price (~35% discount off list price)!

NOTE:  All Demo Unit P63Es carry a THREE (3) MONTH WARRANTY


Power Ten brand power supplies are no longer sold, replaced by the Sorensen brand SGI product. However, this demo unit is still in good working order and can fulfill an application requiring up to 3300 Watts with 0-30V and 0-110A range. Power Ten designs employ efficient and cost effective switching technology – including pulse width modulation (PWM) and zero crossing topology to achieve both high efficiency and high-density packaging. 

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