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NEW not refurbished!  These Power Supplies were made greater than 6 months ago, or end-of-lifed but never shipped.  Now's your chance to get them at a great price.  In, Stock and Ready to Ship as configured!

NOTE:  All Sale priced XFR supplies carry a SIX (6) MONTH WARRANTY


XFR is the smart choice for research, product development and production test applications such as R&D, magnet control, product design, ATE, process control, electroplating and burn-in. The unique features of XFR make it the best choice for applications where high power and a wide adjustment of output voltage or current are required with soft switching.

Zero voltage, or "soft" switching, provides significant benefits. Switching transients are virtually eliminated and noise performance is closer to linear levels. Efficiency is increased, heat generation is decreased, and stress on the switching transistors is reduced, improving reliability.

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