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Global Uninterruptible Power Supplies (GUPS): 2400 VA AC Input w/ Internal Battery Module

Elgar GUPS are ruggedized on-line "UPS's" that accept a broad range of worldwide utility and military AC input power. Without operator intervention, they automatically select the appropriate input power ranges to accommodate global operation.

The GUPS Series has been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of mobile applications. They meet the vibration and shock requirements as specified in MIL-STD-810E, Methods 514.4 and 516.4. Their rackmounted aluminum chassis with stainless steel hardware withstands harsh environments and provides a strong, light weight enclosure.

Features And Benefits

Key Features

  • Ruggedized
  • Wide (Global) Input
  • On-Line Battery Back-Up
  • Transient (Spike) Suppression
  • Surge Suppression
  • Input Distortion Elimination

GUPS are especially useful for demanding field computer applications powered by engine generators where a need for ruggedization, as well as voltage and frequency variations, have traditionally been a problem for regular UPS operation. The ability to accept a broad range of AC input voltages and frequencies, as well as ruggedized construction, make the GUPS an ideal choice for the following military and commercial applications:
  • Remote computer based systems
  • Engine generator output conditioning
  • Communications
  • Remote SATCOM
  • Airborne telemetry backup
  • Geological exploration
  • Oil field instrumentation/logging
  • Data acquisition
  • Military C4I

Feature Details

Universal Input
The GUPS 2400A AC input model provides 2400 VA/1920W of 115 VAC, 60 Hz power. It automatically selects between two input ranges of 85 to 140 VAC and 170 to 280 VAC, while accepting any frequency from 45 to 450 Hz, and provides 115 VAC, 60 Hz output power.

The Elgar GUPS is tolerant of variable power associated with "soft" sources such as engine/motor generators. Stable output power is provided, without oscillating between generator and battery input, regardless of how the input power varies within the allowed ranges. This prevents battery discharge and ensures that battery power is available in the event of generator failure. Soft-start of the UPS input rectifier limits the inrush current during start-up, precluding fluctuations in the AC source voltage that could affect other loads.

Precise and Stable Output
The output is precisely regulated, providing a low distortion sine waveform. Protection of the critical load is maximized because it is continually supplied by the online inverter; the output is never dependent on the condition of the AC input, and there are no switching transients.

Low output impedance allows driving non-linear loads that draw currents with high crest factors, such as computer power supplies. The 200% overload rating of the inverter, with a greater than 3:1 crest factor, provides an enhanced capability to supply the start-up inrush current of such loads. High frequency power conversion technology is utilized for fast dynamic response to changing load conditions. Continuous overload and short circuit protection ensure reliable operation.

A shielded transformer is used to galvanically isolate the output from the AC input, DC input, and battery. The output is further protected with suppression networks that absorb high energy transients and surges that occur on the AC input. EMI filtering and the shielded isolation transformer provide transverse-mode and common-mode attenuation of electrical noise.

UPS integrity is determined through a self test that is performed automatically during start-up. Proper operation is ensured prior to energizing the critical load. After start-up, this function can also be manually selected by the user from the front panel.

Communications Interface
An RS 232 communications interface provides information to the host system about operating status and UPS parameters such as voltages and currents. Isolated relay contacts are available for remote annunciation of loss of AC input power and impending shutdown during operation from the battery.

The GUPS 2400A includes a drawer-mounted internal battery module that is removable from the front panel without the use of tools; this allows servicing of the battery without removing the UPS from its rack.

Battery life is maximized with automatic microprocessor controlled equalization and temperature compensation during charging.

For the GUPS 2400A, an optional external rackmounted battery pack increases the backup time to 18 minutes at full rated load; multiple packs further extend the backup.