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The EX1401, thermcouple and voltage measurement instruments delivers accuracies of ±0.20°C, 1000 V channel-channel isolation, built-in self-test capabilities, and independent 24-bit ADC’s per channel. Its ability to acquire data at 20K samples/second/channel allows its usage in high-speed temperature transient applications. It can be used in any test environment that requires accurate temperature measurement and repeatability.

* 16-channel isolated universal thermocouple/voltage inputs
* Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+)
* 20K samples/second/channel sample rate
* 24-bit ADC per channel

Unlike other thermocouple and voltage measurement instruments, the EX1401 offers PoE+ and flexible DC power options for portable applications. Fully isolated channels, with up to 1000 V channel-channel isolation, deliver both power and data on one cable. The EX1401 also supports IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), allowing customers to synchronize measurements from many devices throughout the test application.

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