GUPS Battery Pack

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Lead Time to Build: 12 weeks


The Elgar model GBP-1-102 / GBP-2-102 are extended battery packs for the GUPS 2400 product family.  The GBP-1-102 contains one battery module and will double the backup time of the GUPS.  The GBP-2-102 contains two battery modules and will triple the backup time of the GUPS. Multiple extended battery packs could be connected in parallel to further increase the backup time.

The Elgar model GBP-1-102 / GBP-2-102 have rack-mount enclosures that measure 7" (178 mm) high by 19" (483 mm) wide by 21" (533 mm) deep.  They contain either one or two drawer-mounted battery modules that are removable from the front of the units without use of tools.