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  • SMX-7261-XX Side View
  • SMX-7261-XX Front View
  • SMX-7261-XX Product Descriptions
$2,743.00 - $3,566.00


  • 2-PXIe slot microwave switch; with single SP6T; 6, 26.5 or 40 GHz
  • Microwave building blocks pluggable from the front for simplified servicing
  • Built in web based soft front panel automatically detects relay plugged in and populates itself
  • Built in relay odometer for predictive maintenance
  • Competitively priced modules to suit OEM/system integration markets

The SMX-7261-XX is a PXIe microwave switch module with single 6, 26.5 or 40 GHz SP6T switch.

Ideally suited for medium-to-high density automated test equipment (ATE), the SMX-7261-XX Series deliver uncompromised measurement integrity ideal for the most demanding aerospace, defense and communication applications.

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