XG 1500W & 1700W Series DC Power Supply


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Note: The XG 1500W & XG 1700W Series obsolescence was announced on September 30, 2022 with Last Time Buy until September 30, 2023, replace with the Asterion DC Series. Contact Sales to confirm replacement options.

The Sorensen XG 1500 & 1700W Series is a1U full-rack DC power supply. The XG Series is the new standard for powerful, programmable DC power systems. Designed for test, production, laboratory, OEM and quality assurance applications, the XG Series provides a wealth of features to ensure accuracy and greater efficiency including:

  • Free selectable analog control range
  • Auxiliary DC output channels with control
  • DC-waveforms through internal sequencing
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Power saving standby mode

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